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Share Calendars

Share your calendar, swap homes at whim. Whether you're jet-setting tomorrow or in three weeks' time, NOMAD takes the hassle out of planning with our nifty shared calendar feature. Go on, live your nomadic dreams!

Swap Houses

Take control of your travels in your exclusive Travel Group! Swap houses, forge connections, and roam freely among destinations that match your vibe. We're all about personalized adventures and lasting relationships.

Group Assignments

Your preferences, your posse! You pick the listings, we craft the crew. Get matched with a Travel Group that suits your style and locale. Let us be your travel matchmakers for your next epic adventure!

Travel Affordably

No down payments, no membership fees, no hassle – just pure wanderlust! NOMAD Travel Groups: where affordable travel meets unbeatable adventure.

Our stays average at $250/week!


Our Story.

It all started on the beaches of Saboga..

As our Founder sat with friends gazing at the tranquil waves ebbing from the coast of Saboga, Panama, a conversation unfolded about life's joys—relationships, freedom, and travel. This conversation sparked a realization: why work tirelessly only to savor such moments a few times a year? With a background in international tax and a passion for travel, Marie created NOMAD with the aim to transform conventional home and time-sharing models.

"This generation was given an early taste of what work-life balance means. We've learned we don't need desk chains or lengthy commutes to succeed."

Recognizing a gap in the travel industry, NOMAD was born—a home-sharing service that caters to a new breed of travelers seeking long-term stays without the logistical headaches and monetary constraints.

NOMAD simplifies travel by curating Travel Groups that are aligned with location and property preferences, foster connections, and streamline arrangements—all at an accessible price point. We are the accommodation solution for the modern-day traveler. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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Offers optional add-on insurance coverage of up to $50,000

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